Sunday, November 13, 2011

Make a Wish Trip Day 5

This was probably my favorite day of our trip.  Our morning started off with Story and I going to iFly for indoor skydiving.  iFly provides free admission to the wish children and their families staying at Give Kids the World.  When I asked Story if she wanted to go she jumped at the opportunity, such the little Daredevil!  After everyone in our group had a turn the instructor said we had a few more minutes if anyone wanted to buy an extra turn.  Story loved it so much she had to do it twice!
 They even gave us a free DVD.
After our flying Story and I headed back to the villa to pick everyone else up and we all headed to Universal Studios.  This was my favorite park!  All of the employees were awesome! I also liked the looks of the park-it seemed more "theme parky" to me--whatever that means:-)
We started out in the Dr Seuss section of the park.  The girls loved the Red Fish Blue Fish ride, I wasn't so big on getting wet:-)  We also had to ride the carousel, we can't seem to pass one up:-)

 After Dr Seuss we headed to DinoLand.
 They had an awesome play area that squirted water.

 They had this swing ride that was made for small children.  You could only ride it if you had children with you.  But it pretty much terrified Lyric, Story, Devon and I!  Cadence LOVED it!
We also rode a Jurassic Park raft ride that was pretty cool.
When we left DinoLand we headed to the Harry Potter part of the part to ride a roller coaster that was "family friendly."  Story and Cadence were both too short to ride by themselves, so Lyric was stuck by herself.  She didn't want to ride alone, so she was going to sit out.  Luckily, there was a lady who was riding alone, so she offered to let Lyric ride with her.  Lyric hated it!  She did not think it was "family friendly" at all!
We rode a really cool ET ride where you are sitting on a bicycle and you are riding through the last scenes of the movie trying to save ET.  Lyric did not want to ride it.  I tried to convince her and told her it wouldn't be scary.  She started crying and said she wasn't going to ride it!  I felt so bad she was traumatized from the swing and the roller coaster.  Poor baby!
I rode this roller coaster with Story and Cadence.  Poor Sweet Lyric wanted no part of it!
 We left Universal to be back at Give Kids the World in time to play the biggest Candyland Game in the world!
It was a huge party  We made gingerbread houses,
 had snow cones, and

 cotton candy.
 It was a BIG time!
 They had all kinds of games set up. The girls earned tickets to cash in for candy and prizes at the end of the party.  
Cadence was trying really hard on this game-you can tell by the tongue:-)
The playground at Give Kids the World is set up like a Candyland board.  The girls played the game with a volunteer.  They would draw a card and then pick an animal they wanted to be to travel to the next square.
 Not sure what animal, but I think they're hopping.
 They won!
 After their Candyland game they played on the playground.

 Cadence did some dancing.  She asked Devon to dance, but he didn't want to because his hands were full of all of the girls' goodies.  She snagged this volunteer instead.
They danced the whole song and Cadence was looking up at her for about 90% of it--so precious!
When the Candyland game was over we had to head back to the villa and get a bath.  Ms Merry, the mayors wife, was coming to tuck the girls in.

 Ms Merry got a big kick out of their sleep masks!  She was so sweet with each of them!
 She did Story first.  She fluffed her pillow.
 And covered her head up.  Then she searched for her around the room.

 She kissed her goodnight and moved on to Cadence.
 She did the same routine with her.

 Then it was Lyric's turn.

The girls loved being tucked in by Ms Merry!  Sadly, they didn't stay in the bed;-)  They all got back up for a couple of more hours!  It was a sad night, our last night at the village.

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