Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make a Wish Disney Trip--Day 1

The big day finally arrived--Story's Make a Wish trip to Disney.  It's hard to believe on this day last year Story received Lyric's bone marrow and it was the beginning of such a long road!  We were all so excited to be taking this trip after such a long road!
The limo arrived to take us to the airport at 9:30 this morning.  The girls were so excited!
 They couldn't wait to get in the limo and head to the airport!
I don't know if they were shocked to be riding without their car seats or if it was the limo, but all three girls just sat next to each other the entire ride to the airport.

We all had a good time posing for pictures.

We were almost at the airport before the girls warmed up enough to move around in the limo.
They had a muffin while we were waiting to fly out.
I was a little worried about the girls getting bored in the airport, but we had plenty to entertain them.  They colored, watched a movie and Cadence played on the little indoor playground.
 Jena and Jay, my employers, let us borrow their old iPhones.  They were lifesavers on the plane!
Lyric, Cadence and I were in one row together and Devon and Story were on the row behind us.

 It was the girls first time to fly, so they were a little nervous.

 But luckily, they were more excited than scared!

 You would have thought these two had never had an apple juice or a sprite, they were so excited to get their drinks;-)

 When we arrived in Florida, Give Kids the World had a volunteer waiting for us at the airport.  He was holding a sign that said-Give Kids the World Welcomes Story Cox.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with the sign, but I didn't think about it at the time.
When we arrived at the village we were all pretty much starving!  We met with a volunteer he gave Story a Mickey Mouse and the other two girls a Shamu, he told us a little about the village and then sent us to lunch at Katie's Kitchen- they serve Boston Market food.
After lunch and our first visit to the ice cream palace our volunteer showed us to our villa.
We unpacked and the girls were ready to hit the pool!
Cadence hitched a ride with Daddy.
It was too cold for me to even think about getting in the water, so I decided I would just play photographer.
 They had a great pool and an amazing splash pad.  Cadence LOVED running through all the shooting water, but her sisters thought it was way too cold.  They decided to stay in the pool.

 The village was having a beach party and cookout that Cadence and Story wanted to checkout.  Devon had to go to an orientation to get our Disney World tickets, and Lyric did not want to stay for the party.  So Devon took Lyric back to our villa to hang out.
Story had a hot dog for diner.
 Cadence went with a burger.

 Story was so excited to have some cotton candy.
 Mayor Clayton came for the party.
 The girls played hot potato with water balloons.  If you were holding the balloon when the music stopped you had to pop the balloon on your head.

 Story ended up with a balloon on the last round of the game.
 It slipped out of her hands when she was trying to pop it on her head.  She lucked out and stayed dry;-)
The girls had a great time at the party!  We headed back to the villa to hang out with Lyric while Daddy went to the orientation.
We had a wall phone in our kitchen and the girls thought it was the coolest thing ever!  They had never seen a phone hanging on the wall.  I asked Cadence if she wanted to call Grammy on it.  She pointed at the phone, "Does this cell phone have Grammy's number in it?"  I had to explain to her that it wasn't a cell phone and Grammy's number wasn't 'in' it, but I could put her number in it.  Unfortunately, it has been so long since I have used a land line it took me about four tries to get the number right.  I forgot you had to dial one first.
Cadence looked about thirteen talking on the phone playing with the cord and putting her feet up on the wall.
We spent the rest of the night hanging out at the villa.

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