Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make a Wish Disney Trip--Day 2

We had plans to go to Magic Kingdom today.  We headed to breakfast at the Gingerbread restaurant first thing this morning.  After breakfast there was a surprise visitor outside.  The girls were excited to meet Ronald McDonald or as Cadence called him, 'that clown from McDonalds'.

After breakfast and meeting Ronald McDonald the girls had to ride the carousel.  They didn't care that we were going to Magic Kingdom they were not going to pass up a ride on a carousel.

Story Bell picked the unicorn.
After our carousel ride the girls saw the sign for horseback riding.  The village has horseback riding twice a week.  Magic Kingdom could wait these girls wanted to ride the horses!

All geared up and ready to ride.
Story Bell was up first.
 Cadence was up next.

 Last but not least, it was Lyric's turn.  She loved it! 

We had to walk by the ice cream palace to get back to our villa and we could not walk by the ice cream palace without stopping for ice cream;-)
Ice cream/shakes for all!
By the time we had breakfast, met Ronald McDonald, rode the carousel, rode horses and had ice cream it was 11:00!  Devon and I decided it would be better if we went to one of the smaller parks instead of Magic Kingdom, since it was so late in the day.   That was a dilemma we had the whole trip.  Do all the fun things at the village or go to Disney World?  The girls would ask to swim and we would say we can't swim now because we are going to Disney World.  They would say, "Okay, but can we swim when we get back?"  This day we decided we would go to Animal Kingdom instead.  Lyric was not happy about this decision!  We tried to explain Animal Kingdom was smaller and it wouldn't take as long to see all of it.  It made more since to save Magic Kingdom for a day when we would have more time.  Needless to say, our day at Magic Kingdom got off to a pretty rough start!
With Make a Wish we received a free stroller rental at each park.  Devon and I had assumed Story and Cadence would share the double stroller and Lyric would just walk with us.  Lyric was not having it!  She wanted to ride too!  They took turns some and argued about who was going next:-(.
I think the girls were disappointed when we arrived at Animal Kingdom because it looks a lot like the zoo here in Nashville.  
One of the first things we did was go to the It's Tough to Be a Bug show.  We walked through the maze of 'tree roots' to get to the theater and Story decided she didn't want to go in.  So, she and I had to go back through the maze to get back out to the stroller.  We ended up going to a gift shop nearby.  A couple of minutes into the show Devon called to let me know they had to leave the show because Cadence was terrified!  He said she was screaming at the top of her lungs!  Later in the day I asked Lyric if it was scary.  I said, "Was it the good/fun kind of scary?"  Cadence screamed, "No, it wasn't a good scary it was really scary!"
Devon and Story did the safari.  I was pretty disappointed to have to stay back with Lyric and Cadence!  I know they would have loved it if they would have given it a chance.

We headed to Dinoland to have some lunch.  The girls perked up in this part of the park because I think the park looked more exciting to them and not so zoo like.  We rode the TriceraTop Spin.  Lyric was so cute putting her arms in the air like she was on a roller coaster.

We rode a couple of other rides in this section and then the girls played some of the carnival games.  Lyric won a sabertooth tiger stuffed animal.  We also did some shopping.  We all decided the girls would pick out a souvenir at each park.
The Village was having a kids night out that the girls wanted to go to, so we left the park early to head back for that.  
  When we arrived back at our villa we were surprised with Christmas decorations!  The whole villa was decked out and ready for Christmas.  There were lights up outside, a Christmas tree, a huge reindeer standing near the tree plus decorations hanging on some of the walls and doorknobs! 

After checking out all the Christmas decorations we headed over to the Kids Night Out.  We went in the arcade and signed the girls in.  There were about 15 volunteers standing around.  The girl in charge told the girls, "Okay, you guys look around and pick a volunteer that you want to play with tonight."  Story and Lyric just stood there being shy, but Cadence walked right up to one of the girls and grabbed her by both hands.  The volunteer had long dark hair, I'm sure Cadence thought she looked like Belle.
Devon and I had dinner together, went to the arcade and played putt putt.  We pretended we were dating again:-)  BTW, I won in putt putt.
While we were on our date, the girls were having a great time with the volunteers!  They played in the arcade, played putt putt, went to diner and went to Village Idol (Give Kids the World's version of American Idol)

Devon and I showed up to pick the girls up at the end of the village idol.  They were calling all the kids who performed back up on stage.  We were shocked to see Lyric and Cadence in the group of performers.  We were also surprised Story wasn't in the group.  The Village photographer got these pictures of Lyric.  I'm not sure why there is none of Cadence.
The girls had a great time at Kids Night Out!

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