Friday, November 11, 2011

Make a Wish Trip Day 4

By day four we were all pretty worn out, so we decided to spend the day at Give Kids the World.
On our way to breakfast we heard someone say Scooby Doo was in the Castle of Miracles.  Cadence was so excited to meet Scooby and Shaggy!  There was a pretty long line to meet them, so Story and Lyric decided they didn't want to wait.  They were hungry and wanted to head to breakfast.  Cadence didn't care how long she had to wait she was going to meet Scooby and Shaggy!
After her picture with Scooby and Shaggy Cadence and I met up with the others for breakfast.
We all had a yummy breakfast at the Gingerbread House and the we went for a carousel ride.
The carousel pictures are pretty blurry, but you can make out the smiles on their faces.
The carousel is located next to the Castle of Miracles, so after our ride we headed over to the castle to hang Story's star.
The Castle of Miracles is a beautiful castle.  It is even protected by a sea serpent.
Every wish child who visits Give Kids the World receives a star to hang in the Castle of Miracles.  There are thousands of stars hanging and Story's star will be there forever.  We can go back and visit it someday.
When they told us that every wish child receives a star to hang in the castle.  I thought Story would write her name on the star and they would hang it on the ceiling, but there was much more to it.
They do a whole ceremony. 
Story decided to write her name on the star and draw a heart under it.
The volunteer had Story put her star in and they closed the lid.  There were three computer screens and the Star Fairy spoke to her and flew from screen to screen.
She then had Story turn around three times and make a wish on her star.
They opened the lid and the star was gone.
After the star presentation, we went to the back of the castle for the girls to get their magic pillows.
  They had to knock on the magic tree to wake the owl.
Once the owl was awake, he spoke to the girls and had them do some things then they had to find their pillows which were in a nearby tree stump.
The La Ti Da Royal Spa is also in the castle, so we sent Daddy back to the villa and the girls all headed to the spa.
They all got airbrush tattoos.
Everyone got their nails painted.

They also had their make up done.

They had the spa painted so cute!  The walls were painted to look like rock.  There was a giant peeking through the roof.
You could see his toe poking through a hole in the wall.
After the spa we headed to the ice cream palace.
I talked the girls into posing for me before we had our ice cream.

Story Bell had a banana split. 
It was yummy!

Showing off her airbrushed fairy.
Lyric and Cadence both had cones.

Story posed with her new Tiana doll she bought at Magic Kingdom.
After our ice cream we went back to the villa for lunch.  
Then it was time to head to the arcade. 
We played on the model trains awhile.
Then we went outside to ride the train.

We saw this guys on our train ride.
Before heading back into the arcade the girls rode the outside toys.
 After the arcade, it was time for some putt putt.  Give Kids the World has the coolest golf course.  It is dinosaur themed.  This was our first time to play putt putt with the girls and it was hilarious! 
Cadence would hit the ball and run to hit it again before it could stop rolling.  I think he thought it was a race.

 This hole spit water at you when you walked by.

 This one was a dark cave.
Complete with a volcano that blew steam when you walked under it.
 There were cool hieroglyphics on the wall
Lyric bailed on putt putt, so she and I headed back to the ice cream palace to get her some ice cream.  She had a scoop of rainbow sherbet, a scoop of mint chocolate chip, and a scoop of chocolate and she had them cover it with chocolate sauce and shipped cream.
 Devon and I thought it was too cold for swimming, but the girls didn't agree.  So, I took them to the pool for a little while.  I did not join them in the water!  
After spending the day at the village, we decided to go out and eat dinner.  We decided on T-Rex at downtown Disney.  It was very similar to Rain Forest Cafe (they're owned by the same people).  They had meteor showers every few minutes and the animals would 'come alive' every few minutes.

We made it back to the village in time for the Princess and Pirates party.  Lyric and Story wanted to go as they were dressed, but Cadence was not going to the princess party without her Belle dress and gloves and purse!
She has never been to sea world, so I'm not sure if she knew who he was.  But she was so excited to meet Shamu!

 The girls got all dolled up with make up and glitter and then they all went up on stage.  The princesses were given a wand on one side of the stage and the pirates were given swords on the other.  It was really cute!
We had to make one more visit to the ice cream palace before heading back to the villa.
 Surprisingly, neither the dress or the gloves were ruined:-)

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Writer's Hour said...

My family went here with my brother this last summer. IT brought tears to my eyes to see it again. Give Kids the World is the most incredible place that I've ever been to.