Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make a Wish Trip Day 5

We had two more days to go to the parks, so Devon and I decided today we would leave the village late morning/ early afternoon.  Our plan was to hit Epcot first and then go to the Magic Kingdom, so we could see the castle at night. 
When Devon was planning out our day last night he made a small discovery... we forgot about Hollywood Studios.  I think in our heads we were combining Universal Studios and Hollywood Studios.  That meant today we would have to hit three parks!
We had breakfast and made our daily stop at the ice cream palace.  Devon was feeling a little wild this morning and got himself a banana split.
I  thought he was out of his mind for eating all that ice cream!
 The girls played on the horse while they had their ice cream.
 We went to Magic Kingdom to park the car and hoped on a bus for Hollywood Studios.
 Beauty and the Beast is Cadence's favorite, so we went straight to the show.
 Cadence was so excited!
 The girls were being pretty silly while we waited for it to start.

 It was a really good show!
We had some lunch and headed to the Honey I Shrink the Kids playground.  The kids have never seen the movie, but they loved the idea of playing on a playground where everything was huge!

 After a few hours at Hollywood Studios it was time to catch the ferry and head to Epcot.  Unfortunately we didn't get to see much of Epcot.  They were having a food and wine festival, so they were incredibly busy.  There were so many people there with no children it felt kind of like having the kids at a bar.  We were able to do the Nemo ride and a few other things.
  We had planned to have dinner at Epcot, but decided to eat at Magic Kingdom instead. 
The castle was beautiful with all the Christmas lights!  We had dinner and finished just in time to catch the fireworks.
 Story's pediatrician had told her when we go to Magic Kingdom  we had to go to the bakery on Main Street and get a blueberry muffin. 
 We were planning to watch the late parade, so Devon and the girls waited on the sidewalk while I stood in line at the bakery-it was LONG!  After waiting in line for about thirty minutes I discovered they were out of blueberry muffins:-(, but they still had lots of other goodies.  I got a cinnamon roll, a chocolate chocolate chip muffin and a chocolate chip scone.  When I went back out to Devon and the girls on the sidewalk I discovered this:
All three of the girls were OUT!  We started to leave, but decided to watch the parade.  We didn't think the girls would mind:-)
 After a few minutes of the parade, we decided to go because as soon as it was over all of these people were going to be leaving.

We just had one really big problem with getting the girls to the car.  We had to turn in the double stroller and were just left with the one.  We had to wake Lyric up to walk-thankfully she was groggy, but okay with it.  Story and Cadence on the other hand both lost it when we woke them up!  They both screamed for several minutes!  I ended up carrying Cadence and Devon pushed Story in the stroller.  They were both miserable while we waited for the ferry!  Luckily, they calmed down on the ferry ride.  We then had to catch the tram to drive us to our car.  By the time we made it to the car we were all exhausted!

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