Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Giveaway EVER!!!!!

So here is the deal, I am blogging about this giveaway to get another chance to win. But I really really really want to win this, so if you go check it out you may NOT sign up to win it!!! Like I said I REALLY want to win and I don't need any more competition!
Tiffany at My Litter of Six, one of my most favorite blogs, is giving away a coupon organizer loaded with goodies! I know isn't it awesome! Like I said go check it out, but do not enter to win! If I found out someone who found this from my blog won... it is not going to be pretty!
If I win, did I mention I REALLY want to, I will give you my old binder. It isn't as fancy as the one Tiffany is giving away, but it is still a good binder. I know you may be wondering why I want to win if I have a binder, because like I said mine isn't as fancy as the one she is giving away. I want to look like a business woman or vendor when I am out shopping not like the crazy coupon lady that I am;-)
So anyway go check it out, but DO NOT enter to win!

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The Mom said...

Very funny! I hope you win!