Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cinderella Loving Girl

Story LOVES Cinderella right now. She will watch it 20 times a day if she can. We have had a few funny Cinderella moments with our quirky girl lately.
This first one I started not to blog about because I know some people may find it offensive, but I think it is hilarious! The main reason for this blog is to capture our memories and this is something I would like to remember in 20 years, sorry if it offends you:-) The other day Story said, "Mama, do you know what Cinderella says instead of shit?" I knew I didn't hear her right, so I asked her to repeat herself. She said, "Cinderella doesn't say shit mama, do you know what she says?" I of course had no idea what she was talking about, so she explained it... "When the bells ring, she says, "Killjoy!" Glad to know Disney is keeping it clean.
Tonight we were watching Cinderella when Story started walking out of the room, "I'll be right back mama."
"Where are you going? Are you coming back?" (I have been known to sit and watch a children's movie for 10 to 15 minutes before realizing the child has lost interest and left, Devon has been known to watch an entire movie before realizing he is alone).
When she came back I asked her where she went. She showed me her teeth. She loves how white Cinderella and the Prince's teeth are, so she left in the middle of the movie to go brush.
Another time, while we were watching Story said, "Mama you know what is weird, at the stroke of midnight her shoes didn't turn back like everything else."
Yep, Story Bell you're right,"at the stroke of midnight"...

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