Thursday, August 6, 2009

Target Savings

Devon worked long hours on Sunday and Monday, so today when he got home I needed a break. I decided to go over to Target and see what kind of deals I could find. Nothing makes this overworked SAHM feel better than some really cheap/ free stuff!

This is what I got:

3- Tide one load detergents

2- Boxes of 8ct Poptarts

1- Healthy Choice Meal

1- Box 64 ct Kotex

1- Nexcare travel size princess band aids

Grand Total: $1.11 Savings: 18.74

Came home recharged and ready to get back to work;-)


J. Nalley said...

Wah!!?? Seriously you need to train me! My trips to Target send me home 50 bucks poorer.

jessica said...

oh my! you did great! :) that is sooooo how i am! there is nothing like some target deals to make you feel like you'r edoing a great job! my last trip to target was with 4 kids . . . it was killing me that i was missing out on looking for some good deals and just getting the necessities . . . diapers and wipes. (seems to be the story of my likfe right now!) :) way to go, girl! :)