Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swim Lessons Are Over

Tonight I realized I never posted about the end of swim lessons. The girls all did awesome and "passed" to the next level. The last night all of the kids were going down the slide, so our instructor asked the babies if they wanted to slide. Addison said she did (she went down the week before) and Cadence said she did. I was shocked! Cadence is not real big on slides of any kind, much less water slides. But she said she wanted to go, so I said, "Okay."
We got to the top of the slide and it was our turn. She started saying, "Mama first, mama first." I had not planned on going down the slide, but I did. A lifeguard stayed at the top and helped her down. She did it. I have no pictures or video, but I may try to post some from Grammy the next time we are at her house.
* I know you will be anxiously waiting for the video of me going down the slide...yes, she has it and no it will not be posted;-)

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