Monday, August 10, 2009

National Chocolate Chip Day

So, National Chocolate Chip Day was on August 4th and we missed it. That is just too good of a holiday to miss, so we celebrated today.
We did some math: counted the chocolate chips, added, subtracted and even did some dividing. Of course, we didn't use any of those terms we just did it all while we were playing and eating them.
We did some science, but we called it magic. We talked about how the chips were solid then we put a few in the palm of our hand, closed it and danced around the living room. We danced to Have Another Beer in Mexico, Lyric's choice. When the song was over we said some magic words and opened our palms. They were amazed it was liquid.
I don't know what kind of magic Cadence did? Her chocolate chips started out in one palm, but in the end the melted chocolate was on both?We talked about other things that go from a solid to a liquid and played with ice.
We then microwaved some chocolate and dipped strawberries in it, YUM! We microwaved some ice to see how long it would take it to melt.
Of course, we made cookies. We baked Chocolate Chip Crispers from a recipe in a book, Bake the Best-Ever Cookies, we got from the library.
While we were waiting on the cookies to bake Lyric asked if we could talk about things that change. She said, "I was just explaining to Cadence how the leaves on the trees change from green to brown before they fall off." So we spent a little time discussing change.
Then we enjoyed our cookies, they were really good!
Learning or playing... is there a difference?
* I learned about National Chocolate Chip Day from Universal Preschool. Diane Flynn Keith has this great site that supports the idea that you can use the universe to teach/learn. On her site she has a free calendar that has some great ideas for things to learn and do with preschoolers. She also has a version of this calendar that you can purchase that includes many other activities. I haven't purchased it, but when/if I do I will be sure and let you know how it is.*

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