Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Know Your Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore When...

  • 1. She asks for a 'Na-Kin' when her face is dirty.
  • 2. You tell her you don't feel good and she asks, "Noggin?"
  • 3. While playing on the bed and I pretended to bite her she said, "Charlie dat hurt!" (Her favorite YouTube video)
  • 4. While riding in the car she says, "I like dis song!" as she is dancing.
  • 5. When asked to help do something she says things like, "I love to."
  • 6. She could actually be in a playgroup for cooking and science playdates.
  • 7. When mommy says,"What?" because she hears her say, "Mama," while she is playing. She says, "Not real mama!"
  • 8. She wants a particular towel after her bath. When you find it she says, "That work."
  • 9. She goes to the potty by herself. (The girls carried their bathroom stool into the kitchen and I heard Cadence bringing it back into the bathroom. I thought she was going to use it to dump out the barrettes or get the lotion, so I just listened... I hear her say, "I'm going potty," as she sits on the potty. I ask if she needs my help and she says, "I got it." I listen and wait. She comes out of the bathroom and says hands because she needs help washing her hands. She peed, wiped and flushed!)
  • 10. She can wear pig tails. How stinkin' cute is she!?!


J. Nalley said...

Oh. My. Who is that child?? She even looks all grown up!

Anonymous said...

She looks like Lyric in this one.