Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Does a Should Be Kindergardener Spend Her First Day Not in School...

The kiddos started back to school today. I thought it would be fun to document Lyrics "first" day as an official unschooler. It really was no different than any other day. Since we are unschoolers we see learning no different than living, but her school career would have officially started today had she chose to take that route.
  • Around 8:30 woke up.
  • She wore her jammies the entire day. I heard jammies called "life clothes" on a blog recently. I think we will start using that term around here too.
  • She played outside with her sisters.
  • 9:00 she decided she was ready for some breakfast.
  • We all played with one of their puzzle games. It has shapes and you make different objects (house, train, butterfly...) using the shapes.
  • She then decided to draw the shapes and I spelled the words so she could label them.
  • 10:00 For a few days now she has been wanting to make a game. After playing the shape game she decided she wanted to make a shape game. I helped her cut some card stock and make a memory game. I drew the shapes on one card and she colored them and on a matching card I wrote the name of the shape (in all capital letters- her instructions).
  • After making the shape game we played it.
  • She then decided to make another game. We brainstormed ideas, we thought about making a game to go with a book, but decided that wasn't what she wanted to do. I really wanted to make a spinner (we have never made one together and I thought she would like it:) We finally came up with an idea of a silly face game with a spinner. So, we made faces and then all of the pieces to go with a face (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair). To play the game you spin the spinner and get the different pieces of your face. The first person to complete their face wins. We made the faces and all of the pieces to go with them, but still had to make the spinner.
  • After making the funny face game, Lyric, Cadence and I ended up all on the bed. She jumped on the bed for a while. Then she decided to be a hawk and try to get Cadence and I while we were hiding under the covers.
  • 11:45 Decided she wanted lunch or maybe it should be called a snack. She had apples and pretzels with peanut better. She watched Dora while she ate.
  • Story and I started to play goldfish, so Lyric left Dora to come join us. After we played goldfish then she went back to Dora.
  • 12:20 Left Dora to play with Cadence. After being in the bedroom for a little while, Lyric walked out wearing one of my bras and Cadence was wearing Daddy's pool flip flops. They paraded around and then went back into the bedroom.
  • A few minutes later they came out wearing toboggans.
  • Story started acting like a lion, so Lyric and Cadence ran away screaming.
  • 12:30 All three girls decided to have cookies and watch Barney.
  • 1:00 Daddy came home for lunch. She showed him her games and we finished the spinner.
  • After Daddy went back to work we decided to play the funny face game. It was a little slow moving ( I don't know if it was the game or playing with the little sisters), but she got mad in the middle and said it was the most boring game ever!
  • She took a stack of books into the bedroom to read alone.
  • After finishing her books she played Starfall on the computer for a little while.
  • She then decided to do some Yoga with their kids Yoga video. That lasted about 10 minutes:-)
  • She and Cadence decided to listen to some music and dance. She put on Alan Jackson. They sang, dance, and laughed.
  • After their dance session, she moved back to the computer. This time she read a story on Storyline Online.
  • 2:30 We all watched Martha Speaks together
  • 3:00 We watched Arthur.
  • 3:45 She played in her room. She came out wearing her backpack saying, "I'm a study girl and I study dinosaurs. Do you have any questions about dinosaurs?"

I stopped keeping track after that because technically her school day would be over. I completely trust unschooling and I know she is going to learn, but it is kind interesting to see it all written out and see how one interest flows into another. I think that is one of the biggest things about school that I think is so sad. Kiddos don't get to decide what activity is next. If they are doing something in school and it sparks an interest into doing something else they can't because they have to go with the flow of the teacher and the classroom. So, I guess Miss Lyric will continue to wear her life clothes while having a good time living and learning!

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