Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cameron Park Zoo

Devon didn't end up having to work today, so we decided to head to the zoo. I have heard about this zoo before, but we had never been. When we first arrived it was overcast skies and a misty rain, so there were only about ten cars in the parking lot. The place was practically empty.
Miss Lyric led the way with the map. The big girls took their cameras, so Cadence took this pretend camera. Every time someone would take a picture she would also take a picture. If her camera would have been working we would have some great sky shots!The girls checking out the bald eagles. They were all wet from the rain. We were really hoping they would stretch their wings out to dry, but that didn't happen. We pretty much had the place to ourselves, so we could RUN!
Posing with the butterflies or riding on them, still fun either way you look at it.Lyric and I checking out the sloth. The girls love It's A Big World, so it was fun to see Snook in real life.We saw this sign, so everyone held on to mama!
Here come the alligators...
Get ready... I wouldn't want to be in there! They has this cool area where you could crawl in this hole to see the alligators through the glass. Story and I thought it was stinky (it smelled just like fish)! So, we were going to wait for Daddy and Lyric to check it out. But, Daddy and Lyric said it was really cool we had to come in. So, we did. It was very cool you could see an alligator just laying there floating in the water.Little did we know, if you keep walking through a door you could see the same thing without crawling in the stinky hole. Sorry we drug you in there Story Bell:-)The leopard display was pretty awesome! You could sit right in front of the cage. I wanted a picture, but Lyric and Cadence were too busy looking at the leopard to pose for the camera. I can't say that I blame them. We thought the girls would really enjoy sliding through the otters. Story and Cadence did. Miss Lyric was more afraid of the otter swimming under her than she was of the alligators or the leopard!
Another sky shot from Cadence.
Miss Lyric hitching a ride.
The elephant was my favorite part of the zoo. He was getting a drink right there in front of us! It was so cool. He would suck the water up his trunk and then squirt it in his mouth. Did you know their trunk can hold a gallon and a half of water at a time? That's a lot of water! After seeing all the animals it was time for a snack.
Fudgescicle, yum!
Water, yum!I wanted to take the girls' picture on this rock, but the big two wouldn't cooperate and Cadence would sit, but she really didn't want to look at me.We visited the gift shop at the end of our trip. You guys should have seen Baby Cadence in there! That child is grown! We were walking around letting the girls each pick something out. She walked up to Devon with a toy in each hand, "Buy, buy." She is only 18 months old. Isn't she too young to know what that means?A couple of cute wagon shots.
We had a really good time today and will definitely be visiting this zoo again!

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