Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Made Me Smile!

We stopped restricting food with our girls probably about six months ago. This means they can have whatever they want to eat whenever. I know it sounds crazy when you first think of the concept, but you would be surprised how well it works. I was just in the office on the computer and I heard the girls in the kitchen. They were trying to climb on the counter because they couldn't reach what they wanted. I went in to help and discovered they were reaching for a bowl of grape tomatoes. I helped them reach their prize and they were happy. Sitting right next to the bowl of tomatoes was a container of Thumbprint cookies from HEB. You know the kind that have a glob of chocolate in the center.
Amazing! At 5 and 3 who would think they would pick the tomatoes over cookies!

1 comment:

jessica said...

wow. can't see my girls ever choosing "healthy" over "yummy", but it might be worth a try. i am super impressed!