Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Z

Baby Zayden celebrated his first birthday today. Aunt Kristin made his cake. Very impressive! The birthday boy hanging out before the festivities began. Devon and the girls played an eye spy game outside. They had a water hose sprayer and they would take turns hiding it.How cute is Cadence!
Time for cake. Mama helped him get started. He really couldn't figure out what that stuff all over his hand was.I don't know how much he actually ate, but he had fun playing with it.I swear, I have seen this exact picture of his daddy! Lighten the hair a little and take away a little of that baby fat and they would be twins!Bath time!Time for presents! Baby Z had lots of helpers.
Too many helpers. He decided the balloon and bow were much more fun than presents.You girls can have that paper and those boxes, I have something much more fun over here!
Happy Birthday Big Boy!

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