Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Great Pretender!

The girls and I were heading out of the house for a little shopping today. As we were heading out the door I discovered they were in the middle of playing "Mama and Baby". Story was wearing huge rim pink sunglasses (she was the mama), Lyric had a pacifier(she was the baby) and Cadence was just Cadence (or so I thought). I got them all in the van and the big girls went to their seats. Cadence was just sort of wondering around the van. I said, "Get in your seat, Baby. Come on Baby, get in your seat."
Story, with her huge rim pink sunglasses and best "mommy" face and voice you have ever seen or heard said, "She is not the baby."
As she was talking, I started putting Cadence in her seat.
Cadence looked at me and yelled, "Lulu, Lulu! KAY! Lulu! KAY!"
Now I know "Kay" means okay, but I had no idea what else the child was saying.
Story, still wearing the huge rim pink sunglasses and using her "mommy" voice said to me, "Her name is Lulu."
Oh, okay!
For the rest of the day if you asked Cadence what her name was she said Lulu. She is quite the good pretender, but they may be confusing the poor kid!

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jessica said...

how cute! :) love it! :)