Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We decided to start a garden. This is something we have never done, so it should be interesting to see what happens. Devon and the girls did some hoeing this evening. Just so you know, they all picked out their own clothes to complete this task. There was no help from mom or dad. Lyric chose to go with capri pants with a t-shirt that has a flower on the front and says grow (very fitting for the occasion). Cadence has on pajama bottoms and a hat (must protect that little head from the sun--apparently that cute little belly needed some color). Story Bell thinks gardening is a dress up affair; she decided to go with some pants and a shirt (the child never wears clothes, but for gardening one must be dressed and dressed nice at that!).
Along with the vegetable garden the girls and I decided we wanted to plant a sunflower garden along the fence. There was lots of work that needed to be done in this spot. The girls put the John Deer to good use this day. They hauled weeds and rocks. Wilbur, Lyric's new pig, went along for the ride. [To Grammy: Yes, mother I know they all three shouldn't be riding in it, but they make themselves fit and it is just so darn cute!] Everyone got to throw some of the sunflower seeds out.Everyone got a turn to rake. Everyone got a turn to water. Now we get to wait and see if they grow...

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