Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camping in Our Own Back Yard... Well Kind Of

We were going to go camping for Lyric's birthday, but it was cold and rainy, so we finally got around to it this weekend. She wanted to go to the donkey park. It isn't literally in our backyard, but it is only about ten or fifteen minutes from our house.
Cadence enjoyed telling Daddy just how to set the tent up. Daddy hard at work. The tent that we like to call our hotel. It is big, but we are a family of 5 with a lot of stuff! Miss Lyric found some cool sticks. Lyric spotted some dirt mounds across the pasture from our tent site. The girls and I decided to hike over and have a look at them. I pulled Story and Cadence in the wagon. The mounds weren't all that far from our site, but they seemed like miles pulling the wagon in the tall grass! First we checked out these, but decided it probably wasn't the best idea to climb on them because they had lots of big rocks and sticks sticking out. Lyric and I just didn't think they looked safe for climbing. Story disagreed:-) These mounds were just made up of small rock. We deemed them much safer.
King or shall I say Queen of the Mountain! I didn't get a picture of Cadence sitting in the wagon, but she wasn't into the dirt piles. After about five minutes she was sitting in the wagon yelling, "Ready, ready!" Story Bell posing by the wagon. When we got back to camp Daddy had the tent all set up, so Baby Cadence gabbed the lights and helped load it up! "Lights, lights!"We have had some rain lately, but not quite enough. Miss Lyric borrowed Daddy's hat for a while.After we got camp all set up we headed over to feed the donkeys.The donkeys are one of the girls' favorite things at this park. The two little ones enjoy watching them and Lyric likes to pet them. Today we took a couple of carrots to feed them.
This was a great idea in theory, but when it actually came time for the donkeys to take the food from the hand...That part didn't work out too well. But Mama enjoyed feeding them. After the donkeys we hiked around a while. Story Bell loves maps! She loves trying to read them and tell us which way to go. She spotted the trail map in the park and wanted me to take her picture with it.
This was my idea for the picture:
But apparently she had another pose in mind: I bought Cadence a new cup from HEB for $1.00. She LOVED it! You could hardly get the thing away from her. A dollar well spent!
Of course we had to hit the playground. Miss Lyric did some lounging while we were there
and some climbing.
Story Bell did a little hanging.Back to the trail. Story had the track guide looking for animals. Although she called it her "map".
Lyric and Daddy walking down to check out the pond.
Miss Lyric hitching a ride.
Miss Lyric getting a lesson on cooking with the camp stove.
We have no idea what Cadence was saying, but she stuck her head out of the tent about 400 hundred times and yelled at us. Every now and again we would hear a, "KAY!"
So, we would nod in agreement, "Okay."
The next morning. We hit the trail right after breakfast. It was still pretty chilly, so the girls and I decided to hike in our warm jammies.
Story didn't want to ride in the wagon, but wanted someone to carry her. Daddy and I both said we couldn't carry her, so Big Sis said she would. It lasted about three steps before Miss Lyric pooped out.
Aren't our jammies cute?
The girls having a seat to look at the water.
These things worked pretty good as a chair, but we have no idea what they are really supposed to be.
When we got back to break down camp Miss Lyric found something amazing! Deer droppings.
And yes she picked one up to show mama. Overall, we had a really good trip and we were back home in about 15 minutes! We did discover a major difference in our youngest child from the older two. We have always taken the kids camping. I remember a particular trip when Lyric was 18 months old (just like Cadence is now). She found this big rock and she carried it around the campsite. She would sit in her lawn chair and then get up and carry her rock around. You know just chilling out. Story has always pretty much been the same way camping. She follows around big sister and just hangs out. Well, not Cadence my friend! That child was in to everything! She was climbing on the picnic table, trying to climb on the camp stove while Daddy was cooking, pulling all the food out of the ice chest and a lot more that I can't remember right now! It was hard to relax trying to keep her out of everything!
We can't wait to plan our next trip.


J. Nalley said...

I've been wanting to camp here. I think my hubby can't make himself camp that close!!

jessica said...

we still have not taken kam camping and thought berry springs would be a good "road test" to see how we could handle it with all 3! you're inspiring me to make it a plan! :)