Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Day 1 Peppermint Playdough

Today was day one of our advent.  We made peppermint playdough!  This was our first time to make it and we will definitely be doing it again.  It smells so good!
Story played photographer except for the few times I took the camera to get pictures of her.
 The girls took turn adding the ingredients.

 Then they took turns mixing on the stove while it cooked.

Lyric entertained herself when it wasn't her turn.

Story insisted on getting a shot of me too.
Story was insistent on tasting the playdough!  I knew nothing in it was toxic, so I told her to go ahead.
 She said it was okay, but a little spicy.
 We colored the playdough green, red and left some white.  We also put glitter in it.
I loved this playdough recipe!  It has the best texture and smells so good!

 We pulled out our Christmas cookie cutters.
 Here is the recipe we used: Peppermint Playdough.

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