Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Since I am actually writing this post at the end of February I have one goal--to finish it.  The easiest way for me to do that is to post the pictures with captions, so, enjoy!
Christmas in Austin
I got some Tennessee moonshine from the people I work for.  I thought Trent and Brandon would get a kick out of it.  Turns out, I like moonshine:-)
Lyric took her new Monopoly game for us to play.
She LOVED playing with all of the adults!
We met Katie for the first time--LOVE her!  Uncle Brandon, she's a keeper;-)
The Oasis
Hot chocolate at the Oasis-YUM!
Licking the chocolate off- yum!
The Oasis
The Oasis
Uncle Trent working on his snow globe.
Story Bell patiently waiting for help with her snow globe.
Santa and a Glass Slipper for the snow globes.
Katie helped Cadence with her egg shell "snow".
The girls talked Katie into a dance party.
The stockings were hung...
Uncle Brandon's tree
The girls opening their computer from Mimi J
They weren't real sure what it was!
Uncle Brandon and Katie
Mimi J and the girls opening gifts.  LOVE those Diego socks Cadence is rockin' with her "Christmas" dress.
More presents
Uncle Trent, always plays Santa Claus
Everybody checking out their goodies
Katie showing off her ornament one of the girls made her.
Cadence showing off her glasses from Uncle Trent.
Ice Skating at the Oasis the girls first time.
Ice Skating at the Oasis the girls were so excited!
Ice Skating at the Oasis
Ice Skating at the Oasis
Story had been asking to go ice skating for months!  She loved it!
Ice Skating at the Oasis
Ice Skating at the Oasis
My crazy husband was trying to act like he knew what he what he was doing!
He never fell, so maybe he kind of did or maybe he just got lucky:-)
Story checking out Daddy's moves.
Uncle Brandon
Whoa, Story!
I hope Katie didn't want to actually skate:-)  She had a child by the hand the whole time.
My feet oh my feet, my legs oh my legs!
Daddy, "What's wrong with you?"
Katie was finally able to ditch all my girls, but she didn't show us her moves:-(
Good times!
Unfortunately, he did show us his moves;-)
Cadence loved her some Katie!

Uncle Trent
Cadence getting some Marlie love.
Ninny listening to Dev sing.
Some more Smores!
Yes, she is saving that chocolate for later.
Aren't we glad she swallowed first:-)
Christmas in Bryan
Grammy's tree
All three girls posing together--that's a rare occasion!
A camel Wenkinz- what more could a girl need?
Cadence and her new Barbie and a Fairy Secret outfit
A puppy Webkinz

Grammy opening her vase from Story.  She used her birthday money to buy everyone a Christmas present.
Bob opening his coffee mug from Story.
A visit to Grammy's would not be complete without some time on the playscape!
Playing in their jammies, of course:-)

Fortunately, Story didn't have any mishaps on the playscape this time:-)
Story Bell showing off her new ballet outfit.

Faith Meadow came over for a tea party.
Faith and Lyric at the park.
Story, Faith and Lyric
She told me not to tell her mama she was in the baby swing.  I wonder if posting it on my blog counts as telling?

Sweet Cadence
Story Bell giving a push
Story Bell having a swing.
More swinging.
Grammy attempted to get all five grand-kids and Faith.
Kenzie and Wesley had the most paitence for it.
They didn't mind posing.
Grammy did get all five of the grand-kids in front of the fireplace.  She bribed them with candy.  I heard her;-)
Not a very good picture of Cadence or Story, but I love the the way Leah is looking at Cadence-so sweet.
I was shocked Grammy had enough aprons for all of these rugrats:-)
Love this one!  That is a lot of kiddos!
Grammy is so patient.  She let everyone help in making the dough.
Logan working hard using his cookie cutter.
Miss Lyric was in a picture taking mood!
Story Bell reluctantly posing for me.
Roll that dough, Logan.

I think I might have scared her when I asked her to pose.
Yummy icing, Faith?
Lyric wanted to pose with every cookie she decorated!
There were lots!  I'm only posting two:-)
Story decided she wanted to go bowling for her birthday gift from Grammy and Bob.  Lyric is the only one of the girls who has bowled before, but she was too young to remember it.  So bowling was a pretty big adventure!  Grammy and Bob didn't bowl, so it wasn't as fun as it could have been.

Devon almost fell every time he bowled, so it was pretty entertaining.

Cadence's ball had to be retrieved a couple of times for not making it down the lane.

Story picking my 'molee' while she waited her turn.  Picking my moles has always been a comfort for her.
The last day of our trip we met Caba and KK at Uncle Trent's to spend the day.
Caba grilled everyone sandwiches.

Zayden had a good time with Lyric's duck.
Story bought Zayden some Spiderman bath wash.  I think he liked it!

We had a good time playing at the park!

I wanted to get a picture of all the cousins before we left,  They actually cooperated...
and cooperated...
and cooperated!
Lyric and Z watching Cars 2
She looks like she is licking his face, but she is actually just being a goofball.
Everyone was pretty tired when we left.
We had a wonderful time in Texas and were so thankful to be able to make the trip!

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