Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Easiest Advent Calendar Ever

I  saw this idea on a blog,  unfortunately I don't remember which one- so I can't give credit.  I really wanted to make an advent calendar this year, but most of the ones I found required more effort than I wanted to put into it.
When I found this one I knew it was the one for me!  It was the easiest thing ever!
I bought two packages of foam snow flakes from the dollar store.
I numbered them 1 to 24.
I then printed the activities and glued one to each snowflake.
When we woke up this morning I told the girls it snowed last night.  They ran to the window to find no snow.
Then, I told them I think it snowed in the living room.  They were so excited to see the snowflakes!
 Cadence had the great idea to move the snowflakes to the opposite wall after we did the activity, so we could easily see how many days were left.
Here's our list of activities:
Dec 1 Make Christmas-peppermint play dough with glitter
Dec 2 Christmas Mad Lib

Dec 3 Write letter to Santa deliver to Macy's (Macy's gives $1.00 to Make a Wish for every letter received)

Dec 4 Record family Christmas song (We record a family Christmas song every year.  Cheesy, but so much fun to make and listen to!)
Dec 5 Do a Christmas craft to decorate the house
Dec 6 Make hot chocolate with all the fixings and play games
Dec 7 Make cards to send to American Red Cross—Mail for Heroes
Dec 8 Make ornaments 
Dec 9 Make snowflakes to decorate/ make tortilla snowflakes to eat
Dec 10 Buy tree/ decorate for Christmas
Dec 11 Go look at Christmas lights and listen to Delilah

Dec 12 Make Christmas cards/gifts to mail out
Dec 13 Go through toys/coats to donate to charity
Dec 14 Read Christmas books with a flashlight under the Christmas tree

Dec 15 Bake cookies to take to the clinic/hospital

Dec 17 Make bird feeders (Don't know which feeder will we do yet, but probably pine cone with peanut butter.)
Dec 18 Watch Christmas movie with popcorn and candy
Dec 19 Bake Christmas cookies 
Dec 20 Picnic under the Christmas tree
Dec 21 Make Homemade Snow Globes
Dec 22 Go to a drive through lights place
Dec 23 Go to Bass Pro Shop and see Santa  
Dec 24 Watch past Christmas/family videos with popcorn and hot chocolate

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