Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Story Bell

I have to start this birthday post by remembering last year.  Story celebrated her birthday in the hospital with only two family members allowed in the room at a time.  I am so thankful for where she is now!
She wanted to celebrate her birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  We don't do big parties for the girls' birthdays, but she wanted us to take everything for our family party with us to Chuck E Cheese, so that's what we did.
She started her morning off with M&M pancakes.  Why yes, that is the letter 'S' and the number six. 
 She thought they were yummy!
 Cadence gave them a...
 thumbs up, I think?
 Lyric liked them too!
 We loaded up the homemade cupcakes, the girls and the gifts and headed to Chuck E Cheese.
Cadence loves this game!
 We had our pizza and sang to the birthday girl.

 What?  M&M's on the cupcakes too!

 Presents!  Do you like our cloth wrapping paper?  I am so cheap crunchy;-)

Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Girl!

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