Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Advent-How Did We Do?

 I have a tendency to make theses grand plans to do with the girls. but unfortunately things don't always get done.  I thought it would be fun to look back at our Christmas advent list and see what we actually did...

Dec 1 Make Christmas play dough with glitter
We made this here.

Dec 2 Christmas Mad Lib
Devon wrote a Mad Lib with the girls names in it.  It was pretty cute.

Dec 3 Write a letter to Santa and deliver it to Macy's
We did write letters to Santa, but I never delivered them to Macy's.  (Macy's donates a dollar to Make a Wish for every letter they receive.  I plan to just make a donation to Make a Wish since I never made it to Macy's)

Dec 4 Record family Christmas song
This year we recorded Bruce Springsteen's version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Day 5 Do a Christmas craft to decorate the house
One of the girls checked out a paper crafts book from the library, so they picked out a craft to try.
Dec 6 Make hot chocolate with all the fixings and play games. 
 We had a fun night of game playing and hot chocolate. 

Dec 7 Make cards to send to American Red Cross- Mail for Heroes
Each of the girls made a couple of cards and Devon and I made some too.
Dec 8 Make ornaments
We made crystal ornaments.

Dec 9 Make snowflakes to decorate/ make tortilla snowflakes to eat
These are so yummy!

Dec 10 Buy tree/ decorate for Christmas
We did this.

Dec 11 Go look at Christmas lights and listen to Deliah
We love us some Deliah!

Dec 12 Make Christmas cards/gifts to mail out 
We made salt dough ornaments, but were able to deliver them in person.

Dec 13 Go through toys/coats to donate to charity
We did go through the toys, but we never actually donated them.

Dec 14 Read Christmas books with a flashlights under the Christmas tree 
This was fun. 
Dec 15 Bake cookies to take to the clinic/hospital
We baked cookies for the kiddos at the clinic and we took some to the nurses on 6A.  We hadn't seen most of them in a year, so it was good to go back and visit.

Dec 16 Make online snowman
 The girls did this one a few times.

Dec 17 Make bird feeders
We never did this one.  Maybe next year.

Dec 18 Watch Christmas movie with popcorn and candy
We watched a few Christmas movies this year.

Dec 19 Bake Christmas cookies
We waited and baked our Christmas cookies with Grammy.  Lexi, Logan, Leah and Faith joined us.

Dec 20 Picnic under the Christmas tree
We did this, it was fun!

Dec 21 Make snow globes
We did this craft in Texas with Uncle Trent and Katie.  They were fun to make but the water evaporated over time, so I wouldn't make them again.

Dec 22 Go to a drive through lights place
 We never made it to one of these this year.

Dec 23 Go to Brass Pro Shop and see Santa
I put this on the list because my parents were supposed to be in town and I knew my dad would enjoy it.  

Dec 24 Watch past Christmas/family videos with popcorn and hot chocolate
We didn't get to do this one.  Devon didn't have time to make us a DVD:-(

Overall, I was very pleased with the how many activities we actually completed:-)

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