Monday, December 5, 2011

Crystal Ornaments

One of the activities on our Advent Calendar was to do a Christmas craft and decorate the house.  So, today we made crystal ornaments.  We followed this tutorial.  They were super easy!
Story Bell posing while mixing in her Borax.
 I did make one pretty big mistake.  I am only going to tell you about it, so you don't make the same mistake if you make these...
The directions called for a wide mouth glass jar.  We dug around in our glass recycling and found a couple of jars for each of the girls.  We then shaped our ornaments with the pipe cleaners.  The girls each made their initials and a snowflake. 
 The snowflakes were pretty wide, so we just bent them to get them to go into the jars whose mouths weren't very wide.  Well, once the crystals were formed on the pipe cleaners the pipe cleaners could not be bent...  So, we had beautiful crystal ornaments stuck in jars:-)  Luckily my husband didn't mind helping us out.  He had to break the jars to get our ornaments out!
This is where the picture of the finished crystals should be.  But, I forgot to take any.    I will try to add some at some point...

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