Thursday, December 29, 2011

Driving to Texas- The Travel Log

I decided to keep a travel log on our drive to Texas.  I'm not real sure why.  I had a notebook and just started writing down the events of the trip.  It started out with when we were stopping and how much the gas cost, but I also included stuff that was happening with the kids.  Here are the parts I found amusing:-)

8:23 pm Left the gas station.  We had just stopped for fast food- ate in the car.  Everyone was watching a movie and happy.

8:57 Cadence asked, "Are we in Texas yet?"

9:20 All girls asleep

9:55 Stopped for coffee for Devon (he surprised me with hot chocolate)  Lyric, Marlie and I went potty (yes, I know it was a less than two hours into the trip, but we had to go)

11:10 Stopped to get Marlie water and let her pee.  Cadence and Story sleeping, Lyric watching a movie

11:53 Crossed the Mississippi River

1:02 Still in Arkansas.  It feels like we are going to bounce off the road- so rough!  The girls and Marlie are still sleeping.

1:13 Cadence woke up crying and wanted her shoe.  I guess it fell off while she was sleeping, but I'm not sure what she needed it for:-)

1:20 32 miles from Little Rock.  Stopped for gas and the girls woke up.  We tried to feed Marlie, but she wouldn't eat.  Lyric, Cadence and Mama went potty.  Devon got more coffee, I got hot chocolate and the girls got chocolate covered donuts.  Lyric asked if we were still in Ohio (note to self: study Geography when we get home!)

3:14 Marlie  woke up went pee.  Story woke up.

3:19 Back on road Marlie is riding in Story's lap, Cadence is sleeping and Lyric is watching a movie.

4:24 Made it to Texas, only about 6 more hours:-)  Devon and Marlie went potty.  Story is awake.

4:41 Back on road.

4:45 Story had chocolate donut

5:30 Heard our first Tejano radio station- we knew we were back in Texas!

5:43 Madonna- Get in the Groove is on the radio.  From the backseat: Cadence-Mama, this is my new favorite station with this song on it.

7:00  Stopped for gas.  Everyone awake and hungry!

7:32 We decided on Whataburger for breakfast.  The girls were all excited because we don't have Whataburger in TN.  BTW-it was nasty-very disappointing!

8:45 Lyric is looking out the window, Story is trying to figure out her knitting doll and Cadence is using the calculator on the laptop-calculating stuff.

9:36 Story and I are bored and ready to be there.  We played Hangman.

10:00 I'm losing it!  Marlie wants to play with me and we all need out of the car!  Story wants to play Hangman, but she can't really spell, so it's not the best game to play with her:-)

I didn't write down the time, but at some point we stopped at the nicest rest stop in the country (or at least on our route).  I can't remember the town, but it is between Waco and Round Rock.

12:00 We arrived at Mimi J's in Lakeway.

This was the best drive to or from Texas that we have had.  Traveling all night is the way to go for us!

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