Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Comes Early

We decided we were going to Texas for Christmas, so Santa came last night.  The girls were shocked this morning!  
 Cadence and her sleepy eyes showing off her new Barbie.
Lyric had two things on her Christmas list-Monopoly and a pet.
 Story LOVES her bath products!

Bras for Lyric, she was happily surprised!

 The girls were pretty surprised with their next presents- dog food for Lyric, a dog toy and dog bowl for Story and a leash for Cadence.
 We're getting a dog!  WooHoo!
 I got this picture of Lyric when we were about to leave to get the dog.  It isn't the best picture and ignore the faded tattoo on her cheek, but doesn't she look about 12!  Wow, she is getting old!
There was a shelter just outside of Nashville having a special on adoptions.  We looked online and picked out a couple of dogs to go and look at.  We knew we wanted a boy because Devon is already outnumbered.  The shelter had about 30 dogs.  Twenty nine of the dogs were barking.  There was one, Miley, who was standing up on the gate just wagging her tail and looking at us.  She is a dachshund mix and she looked just like Edgar, the dog Devon had when we were married.  As soon as I saw her I knew we had to have her!
We stopped on the way home to take her for a walk.

 Soon after we got her we decided we didn't like the name Miley, so we changed it to Marley.

 Welcome to the family Marley!

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