Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Sister to the Rescue

I was sitting at the table clipping coupons this afternoon. When I heard Story start to cry and come into the room. She said Cadence hit her in the eye with her train. Cadence had been playing with the train in the room with me a little while before this happened, so I'm thinking maybe Story was trying to take the train when Cadence whacked her:-) She told me to kick Cadence out of the room so she could play. I explained to her that I couldn't just kick Cadence out of the room. She was playing in there first. Lyric heard what was going on. She walked up to Story and put her arm around her, "Come on Story tell me what's up. I will fix it." They walked off together and ended up in a different room playing, so I guess Big Sister fixed it.

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