Thursday, June 4, 2009

Joe McDermott and the Library Summer Reading Kick Off

Georgetown Public Library had their Summer Reading Kickoff today.  It started with a cowboy breakfast.  Which turned out to be a couple of apple slices and some grapes.  We waited in line FOREVER, but when we got to the front all they had was fruit.  Lyric had eaten a breakfast bar on the way and Cadence isn't a big breakfast eater, so it turned out okay.  Story Bell was at Grammy's, so she missed the festivities.
The girls started out with their cowgirl hats, but they didn't last long.
Cadence was wearing Story's hat.  So cute!
She decided to share her shade with Daddy.
We had been talking about wanting to take the girls to a rodeo and today they got a little taste of it.  They got to stand on the side of the fence.
We saw barrel racers, ropers, and a few other rodeo events.  The rodeo part of the day was a little long, but luckily it was overcast and not too hot.
The big entertainment for the event was Joe McDermott.  This was our first time seeing him.  He was awesome!  Lyric had a great time! 
My friend J got these awesome pictures of the girls.
Lyric was comforting Little J.   I think she was hot and tired!
The girls signed up for the reading program.  Lyric set her goal at 30 books.  I tried to talk her into a 100, but she was stuck on 30.  I guess that is better than 10 which is what she wanted in the beginning.
Ironically, Story also picked 10 books when I asked her what she wanted to read and she didn't know Lyric had also picked 10.  I told her I thought she could read more than 10, so she picked 80.  Hopefully we can reach that goal.  She has a tendency not to read as much as Lyric.
I set Cadence's goal at 50.  Now that she is going to the potty I don't think we will have a problem reaching this goal.  Sometimes I think she says she needs to go just so we can read books:-)

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