Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Things My Children Taught Me Today

I learn something new from my children everyday. Some days I learn more than others. Today, I learned quite a bit!
1) It takes balance for a 21 month old to sit on the potty. When you put the 21 month old on the potty you should make sure they are stable before you stand up and away from them. Yes, Cadence does have a big knot on her forehead from this lesson today. (So sorry sweetie!)
2) When you hand the three year old a box of croutons and tell her to put "some" on the salad be specific. If you look up and you can't only see any lettuce in the bowl it is too late to define "some". But hey, there were two left in the box:-)
3) This one was a BIG lesson--it even has two parts. First, the mixer will stop when there is a hand stuck in it. Second, the beaters of the mixer will not eject with a hand stuck in them, but you can successfully pull the hand out without much physical damage. Emotionally? Who knows what kind of damage was done! Cadence may never be able to bake again and Lyric thinks it was all her fault because she was holding the mixer. Apparently it is not the best idea to let three children age 5 and under use the mixer to make pudding at the kitchen table while you finish making dinner a few feet away. Especially if you forgot that the two older children have already set the table and there is a spoon there for the youngest to pick up and "help" with.
That's what I learned today. Hopefully tomorrows lessons will not involve any pain to anyone!

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