Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Story Says

This afternoon we drove to Waco to have dinner with Caba and KK (Thanks guys, it was fun!). On the way home this evening, the girls were having a hard time with the ride. Everyone started to lose it just before we got back to town. To try to keep them busy I asked them to help me watch for the Georgetown sign. I told them it started with a G and the G would be capital. Story asked what the G looked like (I think the word capital threw her). She asked which side it would be on, so we talked about how words start on the left. She was full of questions because she was really concentrating on looking for the word Georgetown. Well, when we went past a sign going about 70 miles an hour she realized she couldn't see the signs at that speed. She yelled at me, "Mama, you are going too fast! I can't see the letter at the beginning of the words to see if it is a G. Slow down!"
Tonight Story was playing on Starfall. She was on the screen that shows all of the alphabet. She would click on a letter, watch the little presentation for that letter, say the alphabet starting with A while holding her mouse on each letter and then click on the next letter. She got to L, clicked on it, watched the presentation and then said the alphabet, "A, B, C, D... L, M,innow." She looked over at me and said, "Mama, where's minnow?"
Story Bell, you are just too cute!

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