Sunday, June 28, 2009

Radio Fights

This morning the girls and I headed to Bryan for Faith Meadow's birthday party this afternoon. Our usual fight in the car is over the radio. Lyric LOVES to listen to the radio (commercials and all). While Story likes CDs usually Between the Lions CD that they got from Chick Fil A. I just tell them there is one radio and two girls, so they need to tell me what to do so they will both be happy. This usually works. They discuss it and decide what will make them both happy: listen to the radio for X amount of minutes and then a CD for the same amount of time or listen to a CD on the way and the radio on the way back... that sort of thing. Well, today we had a new player in the mix! We got in the car and Story asked to listen to Girls Just Want to Have Fun one a KidzBop CD they got from McDonald's. I put it in and when it was over Lyric asked for the radio-sure. NOT--Cadence did not want to hear the radio and she stared screaming, "GRLS, GRLS!" What, you don't want the radio, what are you saying? "GRLS, GRLS!" She wanted to hear Girls Just Want to Have Fun again. Lyric said okay. So, I told Cadence we could listen to it one more time, but then it was Lyric's turn to hear the radio. We listened to it one more time and then turned on the radio. She threw a fit! "GRLS, GRLS, I want GRLS!" I tried ignoring her because I really didn't know how to reason with her. After a good five minutes of her screaming and crying Lyric told me to just turn Girls Just Want to Have Fun back on. I did and we listened to it on repeat for a good thirty minutes before she fell asleep. Shouldn't you be at least two years old before you get a say in the radio?

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