Friday, June 19, 2009

I Am Turing Into My Mother--No Not in a Good Way

So, for YEARS I have made fun of my mother for her absentmindedness!  She has to make a list for everything.  She walks into a room and doesn't remember what she was going in the room for.  She has been known to put clothes in the dryer, but when she returns to take them out they are still wet.  You get the picture.  
Well, I make a list for everything.  I have been known to walk into a room and need to go back where I thought of the reason for going into the room to try to remember it.  I am not even going to admit how many times I have forgotten to turn on my dryer!
Today was probably one of the worse things I have done.  No, I didn't forget one of my children!  As far as I know my mom never did that either.
Mimi J called and asked the girls if they wanted to come and spend the night.  They did, so she said she would meet us at 2:30 at the usual place.  At about 2:00 I loaded the girls up and we headed out to meet her.  Around 2:20 she called and said she was going to be late (surprise, surprise:-).  I said no big deal Story and Cadence were sleeping, so Lyric and I would just hang out.  Well, about 2:40 she called and said she was at Burger King and couldn't find me.
Well, she couldn't find me because I was at McDonald's the "usual" place we would meet at before we moved 4 months ago!  Pretty bad I know,  but what is even worse I had to drive by Burger King to get to McDonald's. 
You know they say a woman's mind shrinks when she is pregnant, but what I am wondering is does it ever get back to normal?  Also, if it doesn't what about when you have three kids, does it shrink more with each one?  
I blame it on the the children now, but someday soon I will be able to blame it on age:-)

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