Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Day In the Life...

The house is getting pretty scary looking so the girls and I decided to hang out at home today and get some things done. I had a list of things I wanted to complete:
1. Laundry
2. Bathroom- clean and mop
3. Clean office (it is looking really scary!)
4. Bedroom- make beds and clean up newspaper from Sunday (I clipped coupons on the bed Sunday and the girls "helped."-- Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but I haven't cleaned it up yet.)
5. Update Blog- I haven't updated it in over a week. I need to do like 10 posts!
6. Water Sunflowers and garden
This morning while I was doing the breakfast dishes I kept getting called away to do other things, so I decided to keep track of what I did today to see just where my time goes.
* Everyone decided they wanted to paint. Lyric with tempera, Story with finger and Cadence with water colors.
* I continue dishes.
* Lyric needs more paper.
* I continue dishes.
* Cadence is taking Story's finger paint. So, I get her some.
* I continue dishes.
* Story wants tempera paint like Lyric, so I get her some.
* I continue dishes.
* Everyone finishes painting and I finish dishes.
* Story wants Holly Hobby game on the computer.
* Cadence has to poop- read five books- no luck.
* Story decides she wants to make a Dora Father's Day card on computer. We print the card out.
* Put Cadence's books in her reading log for library.
* Help Story make card while helping Lyric make a sign to hang on the fun house she is making in her room.
* Give Cadence scissors to keep her busy so we can make card for Story and sign for Lyric (they were little kid scissors and she was right next to me---yes, 
I know she isn't even two yet!)
* Check email. Nurse Cadence for 47th time today!
* Joey the toy gorilla busted Story's lip. Comfort her while nursing Cadence. She gets Nemo ice pack from freezer feels better.
*11:35 Hang clothes from dryer put towels in dryer.
* Set Lyric up with Diego game on computer.
* Start making lunch.
* Diego game didn't work. Restart it.
* Start making lunch.
* Story wants Charlotte's Web on DVD.
* Start making lunch
* Have to push play on DVD player
* 11:55 go back to push play again apparently didn't
 push it in all the way the first time. Start making lunch
* Stop making lunch to get Cadence because she is pulling Story's hair and pinching her eye
* Devon calls asks to look something up on computer
* Cadence bit Story- deal with both of them
* Finish on computer
* Back to making lunch- put fish sticks in oven, make snail shells. Cadence has to poop-start walking to bathroom--never mind
* Finish snail shells, turn fish sticks over
* 12:15 Cut tomatoes, put grapes and ketchup on muffin tin
* 12:18 Take fish sticks out. Cadence pinches Story- got Cadence. Cut up apple. Start putting apple and fish sticks on tray. Cadence has to poop. Read Cadence a book--no luck.
* 12:25 Put apple, fish sticks, cheese crackers and bell pepper with ranch to tray. Take picture of tray. Deliver to girls. Girls watch Barney and eat lunch.
* 12:30 Sit down at computer to have my lunch
* 12:45 Finish my lunch get girls more ketchup and fish sticks. Remember I never put more clothes in washer. Get clothes to put in washer.
* 12:53 Have clothes gathered. Picked up at least one piece of dirty clothing from EVERY room in the house (How is that possible?). Start washer.
* 12:59 Start putting away breakfast dishes to start lunch dishes.
* 1:01 Cadence has to poop.
* 1:07 Read five books--success! Log books on computer. Cadence wants to call Daddy.
* 1:12 Daddy didn't answer, Cadence called Grammy now Daddy calls her back. Story hurt her foot in her room.* 1:32 Dishes done! Story fell again in her room. Decide we need to do a "quick" clean in the girls room before someone breaks their neck.
* 1:33 Set timer for 5 minutes and girls and I run around their room like crazy people picking up as much as we can before the timer goes off. The entire time me yelling, "HURRY,HURRY!"
* 1:38 Room cleaned. Decide to lay in bed and read books. Nurse Cadence while we read. While reading Story informs me I am reading Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed the wrong way. The first time the mama calls the doctor the doctor doesn't say, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed." in a mean way because he has a smile on his face. The third time the doctor says, "No more monkeys..." he does say it in a mean way because he has a mad face. But the fourth time he says it he doesn't have a mean voice because he has tears in his eyes, so he has a sad voice. And the last time he says it he has a mad and sad voice because he has tears and his mouth is opened wide because he is yelling. (That child is so observant!)
* 2:14 Finish books, plug them in computer
* 2:20 Fold clothes and watch the end of Between the Lions with girls
* 2:25 Put clothes away, wipe Lyric's hiney, help Cadence- potty seat stuck around her neck
* 2:30 Start folding towels while watching Martha Speaks with girls
* 2:37 Cadence has to poop AGAIN- read one book, no luck ( I think she just wants to read)
* 3:00 Put towels away. Put load of clothes in wash. Pick up 47 pillows girls were playing with in the dining room after lunch. Clean up painting mess from this morning. Clean behind couch where 47 pillows go--pick up 14 books, 12 crayons and 1/2 a tortilla, sweep behind couch. Sweep dining room.
*3:30 Get a Luna bar and head to computer.
*3:32 Cadence wants Luna bar. Try to give her a bite. She wants to hold it. Argue with her.
* 3:33 Get Cadence her own Luna bar.
* 3:34 Help Cadence get a glass of water because she says, "I can do it!" Story wants tea, carrots and ranch dressing.
* 3:35 Head back to computer. Cadence wants to nurse. Water and Luna bar lay in the floor.
* 3:45 Lyric asks to back a cake--sure, but first we need to put clothes in dryer and more clothes in washer. All three girls help load the washer.
* 4:15 Put cupcakes in the oven
*4:20 Take girls to the bath to get cake batter off. While they bathe start cleaning up cupcake mess, while checking on girls every two minutes.
* 4:50 Everyone gets out of tub. Girls watch end of Cyber Chase while I finish kitchen.
* 4:56 Sit down with Story to watch Dora.
* 5:20 Girls finish watching Dora while I make bed.
* 5:30 Get half of bed made girls come in and we wrestle and play on bed.
*5:40 Girls end up building a cave between beds. I edit pictures on computer to update blog.
* 5:48 Go poop with Story. She wants me to get the book on her shelf about the fire. Look on book shelf have no idea what book she is talking about. Didn't know girls had a book about fire. Story and I get frustrated with each other because I don't know what book she is talking about.
* 5:52 Wipe Story's hiney. Cadence needs to pee (yeah, Cadence!).
* 5:54 Story gets the fire book off her shelf. Read Goodnight Moon to Story (they happen to have a fireplace, so that makes the book about a fire:)
* 6:00 Ice cupcakes and go outside to put sprinkles because I don't want to have to sweep the dinning room again.
* 6:20 Girls water garden while I make grilled cheese for supper.
* 6:30 Girls come in from watering garden. Story's was naked while watering her chest, stomach and front of her legs are covered in mud.
6:32 Lyric gives Story a "bath"(fills sink with water and dips rag in sink to wipe Story off) while I cook.
* 6:35 Offer to help Lyric with the "bath" see mud and water on the side of the bathtub, in the sink and on the floor. Smile at how big sister is taking care of little sister.
* 6:47 Story comes into room with a gown on pretending to be a princess. She has the cutest streak of mud across her cheek that Big Sister missed in the "bath" We ate.
* 7:05 Start dishes.
* 7:15 Girls want cupcakes
* 7:23 Finish dishes. Sweep dinning room because there are sprinkles all over the floor.
* 7:25 Lyric kicks Cadence out of the room, so kitchen doesn't get swept. (Can't say that I blame Lyric Cadence likes to sit on the doll house and takes the dolls away.)
* 7:27 Cadence wants to go night night. I nurse her to sleep.
*7:35 Cadence is asleep. I head to computer to update blog. Lyric is playing her guitar and Story is having her 3rd cupcake.
* 7:52 Lyric has her 3rd cupcake, Story has her 4th. Don't gasp, they get the sweet tooth from their mother I had my 3rd, too:-)
* 7:58 Lyric wants Holly Hobby game on computer
* 8:10 Story finishes her cupcake wants Noggin on computer. Both girls playing on computer. I'm updating my blog.
* 8:28 Cadence wakes up, nurse her back to sleep.
* 8:30 Cadence sleeping. I'm updating my blog.
* 8:53 Girls done with computer playing cars in their room. I'm updating my blog.
* 9:05 Lyric playing guitar. Story playing with cars. I'm updating my blog.
9:15 Lyric and Story both playing with cars. I'm updating my blog.
* 9:30 Daddy gets home has movies Mimi J bought at a garage sale.
* 9:49 Lyric starts watching Peter Pan. Story starts to get out of control because she is tired. I don't have the energy to try to calm Story down and try to get her to sleep, so I ask her to ride to the library with me.
* 9:51 I search for a book to return to the library. Story and I leave.
* 10:10 Story and I return from library. She is asleep. Lyric and Daddy are watching Peter Pan. I get back to work on my blog.
* 11ish Lyric comes in and asks me to come and watch The Fox and the Hound with her. Peter Pan is over and Daddy is going to bed. I'm almost done with blog promise to come watch in a few minutes.
* 11:15 or 11:30 ? Lyric comes in and asks when I am coming. Finish blog and go to watch The Fox and the Hound.
12:28 Fox and the Hound ends--great movie! Lyric and I head to bed. Both of us are TIRED!
It was pretty interesting to see where my time goes! When you stay at home with your kiddos sometimes you can think, 'What did I do all day?' because it feels like you didn't get anything done, but wiping hineys, making meals and doing dishes can take up quite a but of time;-)
Some pictures from our day:
muffin tin lunch
Cadence cracks egg for the first time.  She doesn't look happy, but it was her idea.
Luckily, not terrified of the mixer after the incident the other day.
Happy Girl!
Shocking, she let me take a picture!
Cake batter yum!
Sticky, yuck!
Good stuff!
Goofy girls
It tastes so good we could climb in the bowl!
Sprinkle time!
Another fun day in our unschooling lives!


J. Nalley said...

I love that picture of them on the table and and hands in the bowl and Cadence is looking to the side. So cute.

Jenn said...

I love that one too! But, all I have to say is...Wow. I'm exhausted! :)
This is such a neat memory for them to look back and see how much you do for them!