Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hungry Girl, Rinses Her Own Toothbrush

Tonight Devon made us some eggs and biscuits for dinner.  The girls weren't hungry when we ate, so they just played.  Later this evening I was sitting at the computer and I guess she got hungry.  She came up to me carrying this:
Yes, that is a container of left over peas.  I followed her into the kitchen and she climbed back into the refrigerator and found a container of leftover mashed potatoes.  I asked her if she wanted me to heat them up.  She just said, "Cold, cold!"
I asked her again because that is just gross!  She started getting a little angry and she yelled, "Cold!"  
I let her taste the cold potatoes because I thought she would change her mind and want it heated.  Nope.
So for dinner tonight she had cold peas and cold mashed potatoes.  Yummy:-)
Apparently, after I walked out of the room Lyric decided to take a few pictures.
Silly, silly girls!
Tonight Cadence and I took a shower together.  When we got out we both brushed our teeth.  I usually brush mine while she brushes hers and then I help her brush them.
Well, tonight I brushed.  She brushed.  I rinsed mine in the sink.  She rinsed hers in the toilet.  Tonight I didn't help her brush hers and we will be toothbrush shopping tomorrow.

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jessica said...

love it! :) okay, wish i could give up some control and be more relaxed like you! i am working on that! :)
LOVE the toothbrush story! :) how funny!