Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Fun

The girls did some naked swimming this afternoon.  When they were done we decided to use their pool water to water the sunflowers.  Lyric and Cadence gave out after a few buckets, but Story Bell worked hard!
After a few trips her feet were hurting on the rocks, so she borrowed my flip flops.  Too cue!  Clothes are so overrated!
In the late afternoon we decided to go try out Blue Hole. We have heard of it, but had yet to try it out.  We were glad we did.  The water could have been a little colder for Daddy, but the girls and I thought it was just fine.  We found a shallow area to wade in.
Lyric tried to catch some minnows with her net, no luck.
Blue Hole is a really pretty place!  It reminds me a lot of something you would see in Austin.
After we swam we spread the towel out for a snack.
There were some kiddos playing with Cadence's bucket.  They brought it back with some minnows for the girls to see.  Lyric had a great time catching and playing with them.
We headed home in the early evening.  We will definitely be visiting here again.

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The Mom said...

Was it crowded? That's on our list of places to go!