Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend At Grammy's

We spent the weekend at Grammy's this weekend.  Devon thought he was going to be doing an interview, but it fell through.  So, we just hung out all weekend.  The girls did some picking in the garden.
How cute is she with those gloves on!
She's a pretty good tomato picker.
Miss Lyric accidentally picked a green one. 
Wow, look at this big one, Mama!
Why would you pick tomatoes if you couldn't eat them right from the vine?
  Grammy sliced the squash and put it on the grill.  Yummy goodness!
What was Story doing while sisters picked?
Why playing of course.  
Baby Cadence looked all cute in her little dress, little did you know there was nothing underneath:-)
Grammy made a paper up bird with the kiddos at school.  The girls had a really good time playing with it.
Science at it's best.
Who's learning?  We're having fun!

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