Saturday, June 20, 2009

Small Town Life

We love living in Georgetown!  It seems like such a small town.  Devon heard on the radio that they were going to be having a parade to kick off the rodeo, so we walked down to the square this morning to check it out.  I am from a pretty small town, but we either never had parades or never went to parades except the Christmas parade.  So, everytime I go to a parade I feel like Santa is going to be at the end of it.  It was like 104 degress this morning, so I could clearly tell it was not the Christmas season!  But in the middle of the parade I found myself thinking of old St. Nick.
The girls had a really good time! 
We saw the Ft Hood calvary.
Of course there were some old cars there.
I was actually surprised at how long the parade was.  It was the perfect size: not too short where we wondered why we went, but not too long where the kids lost interest.
Story Bell waving to the floats.
We didn't get a picture of Baby Cadence standing, but she chose to wear a dress that Story Bell handed down to her recently.  She was looking FANCY!
Now if that doesn't look like small town America I don't know what does!

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jessica said...

oh! that is soooo the reason we love georgetown too! it really does feel like a small town! :) gotta love the parades! :) simple pleasures! :) hope we see you soon! :)