Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Reading

The girls and I have been spending a lot of time at the library this summer.  They have programs for the kids every Tue, Wed and Thur.  We have seen a musician, Mad Science and today we saw a storyteller.  I gave Cadence my camera to keep her busy during the performance, so this picture was taken by her. 
 She took about 47 others, but most were of her feet or the people around her.  The girls made bandannas after the performance. 
 They didn't have enough bandannas for all of the kiddos, so Cadence didn't make one.  She just ran around the library with no shoes on like a little heathen
  A cute little heathen!  
They liked showing off their bandannas.
They have a couple of new things at the library.  Lyric posed as a cowgirl.
Everyone drove the jeep.

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